Novel Intracellular Delivery for Biopharma Advancements

Aiming to be one of the cutting-edge biotech companies, we specialize in the development and application of intracytoplasmic technologies to address complex health challenges.

Intracytoplasmic intervention via mRNA, miRNA & protein for treatments

Revolutionizing Treatment Methods for a Healthier Tomorrow

We stand at the precipice of this transformation, advocating for treatment methods that are not only more targeted but also minimize collateral damage to other tissues.

Our focus is on developing personalized therapies that take into account the unique genetic characteristics of each individual and the specific nature of their diseased tissue.

This innovative approach heralds a new era in healthcare, where treatments are tailor-made to provide the most effective care for each patient.

Intracellular Delivery Platforms

COMED has developed a versatile suite of platforms for the intracellular delivery of mRNA, microRNA, DNA, peptides, and proteins. This comprehensive approach optimizes therapeutic solutions, showcasing our commitment to advancing the field.


As COMED Therapeutics, our expertise extends beyond mRNA. We pioneered cell delivery methods for various RNA species, peptides, and proteins. Our technologies are applicable to many therapy areas including cancer and rare diseases.

Striving for a

The multiplex biopharma platform launched by COMED Therapeutics unfolds a revolutionary treatment potential. By intracellularly transporting mRNA, microRNA, DNA, peptides, and proteins, we are shaping the future of precision medicine.

Custom-tailored medicine, for one patient at a time

Precision beyond boundaries: COMED contributes to biopharmaceutical innovation, carrying it forward into the future.

A glimpse
into history

The narrative of mRNA’s journey holds a pivotal place in society. Once deemed unstable, Dr. Ingmar Hoerr and his contemporaries stabilized mRNA in the late 1990s, birthing a therapeutic molecule. From pioneering vaccine technology, we have evolved into precision medicine, tailoring mRNA for specific and personalized targets.

RNA realm

Today, our discourse surpasses mRNA, miRNA, or siRNA technologies. We delve into a diverse array of RNA structures, including antisense-RNA, self-replicating RNAs (saRNAs), circular RNAs, and RNAs with internal ribosomal entry sites (IRES20). The realm of RNA, dating back to the 1980s, experiences a resurgence as a new technology, thanks to advancements in nucleic acid chemistry.

the future

With the successful transfer of RNA to cells, we redefine possibilities in the biopharmaceutical landscape. Our commitment extends beyond conventional technologies, propelling us into an era of unprecedented potential. Join us in the transformative journey of reshaping healthcare through innovative biopharmaceutical solutions.

COMED’s mission is to cure diseases using pharmaceutical innovations.

At COMED, our proprietary cell delivery method leverages recent cutting-edge scientific advances, enabling a paradigm shift in biopharma.

Join us on this journey of discovery and innovation as we continue to redefine the boundaries of biotechnology.

Together, we will unlock new horizons of healing and hope for generations to come.